Troll Agate bead standing on moss

Trollbeads day 2022

Troll Agate


In the enchanted forest we look for trolls and treasures. All around you the sounds of wildlife are heard. The forest scent penetrates your mind and the animals that move in the clearings draw you into their magical world. You know, you have to find your own way. Gently search the forest floor and lift away old leaves, stones and flowers. Suddenly it is there: sparkling and shining in the light.

You have found a greeting from the trolls.

Trollbeads Day 2022

Troll Agate is a limited-edition faceted glass bead, made exclusively for Trollbeads Day 2022, and has a 2022 stamp. The troll agate shines in all the colors of the forest: lavender, moss green, light blue and purple – all the beads sparkle with glitter!

Beads purchased online will be in similar colors as shown on the bead here. Visit a Trollbeads store to see the Troll Agate bead in a wider range of colors.

Trolls Agate bead jewelry combinations, on a bangle, ring, leather bracelet and silver bracelet


Mix & Match

Use your bead on a bracelet one day and on a ring the next. Combine with a mix of your favorite beads or go for one simple look with one bead.


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