Umrahmende Beads

Verleiht deinem Schmuckstück noch mehr Eleganz - ein kleiner Bead in einen Umrahmenden Bead!
Umarmung der Natur
Umarmung der Blüten
Umarmung der Knospen
Verspielte Katze

Elegance with

Framing Beads

The Trollbeads Framing beads allows a room for a small bead to be hugged by the bead.

Add a combination to your bangle, bracelet or necklaces and create your own style.

See our selection of small beads perfect for the Framing beads.

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Frame your favourite small beads

Framing beads are a beautiful and versatile addition to your Trollbeads jewellery. These unique beads are designed to be used with the smaller Trollbeads beads and can be added to bracelets and necklaces. Framing beads adds a touch of elegance. Trollbeads offers a range of framing beads in various shapes.

Highlight your jewellery by creating a centrepiece with a framing bead combined with a small bead on your bracelet or necklace. Place the framing bead on your favourite Trollbeads carrier, creating a visual separation that draws attention to the central element.

You can even mix and match different framing beads in a single design. Combining various shapes and materials can add depth and complexity to your jewellery, making it even more unique and personal.

Explore your imagination, express your style, and make your jewellery truly your own with framing beads from Trollbeads.

Stacked bangles with Framing bead designs