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    Explore our collection of copper jewellery - The metal of Love!

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    Discover the Timeless Elegance of Copper Jewellery

    Step into the enchanting world of copper jewellery, where tradition meets contemporary design. Our collection features exquisite copper bangles, spacers, and a copper bead, each piece a testament to the enduring allure of this ancient metal.

    The History and Allure of Copper
    Copper has been cherished for centuries, adorning ancient civilisations with its warm, inviting glow. As one of the first metals used by humans, copper jewellery dates back to 8,700 BC, showcasing its timeless appeal. Revered for its versatility and beauty, copper was often worn by pharaohs and empresses, symbolising power and prosperity.

    Copper: The Metal of Love
    Known as the metal of love, copper is believed to enhance emotional connections and open the heart. Its natural warmth and softness make it a perfect emblem of affection and intimacy. Wearing copper is thought to promote harmony and balance, fostering deeper relationships and emotional wellbeing.

    Historical Properties of Copper
    Beyond its aesthetic appeal, copper boasts a range of historical properties. Ancient cultures recognised its antibacterial qualities, using it in medicine and healing rituals. Today, many still believe in copper's ability to alleviate joint pain and improve circulation, making it a beloved choice for both beauty and health.
    Explore our stunning copper jewellery collection and let the timeless elegance of this precious metal enhance your style and spirit. Embrace the history, the love, and the enduring charm of copper with our Trollbeads copper jewellery.

    Caring for Your Copper Jewellery
    To maintain the beauty of your copper jewellery, regular care is essential. Clean your pieces with a soft cloth to remove any tarnish and restore their natural shine. Avoid exposing copper to harsh chemicals or moisture, and store your jewellery in a dry place to slow oxidation. For more jewellery care instructions, visit our Jewellery Care Guide.

    Trollbeads copper jewellery gallery, image by @evepink123